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First of all, let’s take a look at flying saucers and the lights in the sky. There are reports through the ages of lights being seen in the sky. Since about 1950 or so they have acquired a new life as the large circular or oblong lights called flying saucers.

Trained rational observers (airline pilots, astronauts, etc.) have seen them (often close up) and have reported their absolute reality. We can attribute most of those sightings to real phenomena, be they high altitude electrical events or classified military projects. Most of the remainder are undoubtedly hoaxes. 

That leaves us with a small percentage that are undoubtedly real events: real psychic events. They are visitations.

It is the psychic visitations that interest me. A half century has passed since the first sightings and yet not one verifiable craft is in our hands for examination. That's because we can't put our hands on psychic events. We can only experience them psychically. They choose us; we don't choose them.

Psychic events are real events

Older cultures would have seen them as angels or Gods; after all, they are circular and made of light, two archetypal characteristics of the revealed divine. They are reported in all cultures, even in our own Bible.

Unlike those earlier lights however, our contemporary UFO lights have never spoken to us. That says something to me. Divine revelation in the form of a “speaking” light has been reported in spiritual/religious cultures over the millennia. The Biblical tales of Moses and Abraham contain two such reported instances.

Moses receiving the Ten Commandments

We have to remember that visitations from the unconscious (I see the soul, the unconscious, the psychic world, and the spiritual world as essentially one and the same) always become conscious in a form particular to the culture where the event occurs. 

The reported spiritual visitors of 12th century China are different from those of 12th century Mexico. Whether we believe those visitors come from heaven or hell or the unconscious or far away worlds, they always clothe themselves in a form that makes sense to the culture in which they are received.

In the case of these recently perceived lights (UFOs) which I see as real psychic events, the lights are always far away and silent. Sometimes the lights get closer, but they always remain silent. By silent I mean there are no voices.

UFOs: Are they from distant galaxies or the Collective Unconscious?

That "silence" pretty much sums up western culture’s view of the religious / spiritual/ worlds: they no longer speak to us. The unconscious, which is the source and gateway for all psychic events is always responsive to our conscious framework. It makes sense therefore that it would picture the divine as distant lights unable to speak to us. The unconscious always holds up a mirror that allows us to see ourselves more accurately.

But the distant lights, if silent, keep appearing. They have never gone out. We should remember that.

There are however, occupants of the UFO “lights” that can and do speak to us. Thus while we can no longer accept the divine in our everyday lives as Moses did, we can accept the next best thing: visitors from outer space. Even the most hardened skeptics will tell you that it is “possible” that we are encountering visitors from outer space, although they will quickly add that it’s not very probable.

Close Encounters are psychic events, as real as Moses' or Joan of Arc's visions.

Admitting the existence of the divine, however, is outside the realm of possibility with such skeptics. That shouldn’t surprise us. It is the dominant western cultural view. Just as it is the dominant cultural view to dismiss psychic events as mental aberrations.

Despite our modern view that it is "possible" we are being visited, we still have a tough time with aliens because no one has ever caught one and put it on exhibit. That’s because the aliens are us. Aliens are psychic entities. They are as real as anything else in this world. 

Whether psychic entities exist within us or outside us we’ll never know. It feels like they exist outside because we sense them as being not us, but that is what psychic entities have always felt like since the beginning of time.

The thousands of people who have reported contact with aliens are not crazy, despite the ridicule they have endured. It has been the same throughout history. Although Joan of Arc had the adoring French populace and army behind her for a time, she had been subjected to similar ridicule when she first reported hearing her voices. After the French were rallied and the battles were fought, however, that ridicule turned to fear and she was again ridiculed and executed for heresy.

The difference between our times and Joan’s time, is that is Joan’s time, the appearance of God (in Joan’s “voices”) was an accepted event. They were always considered very serious events. What was always in question, however, was whether the voices came from God or the devil. Eventually, Joan’s enemies found the voices to be of the devil, and that was the end of her.

What we should be asking ourselves is why Aliens look like they do.

Our viewers of aliens aren’t taken anywhere near as seriously, in fact they’re ignored. We consider them victims of an overactive imagination, or hysteria, or hallucinations. And they’re never executed. After all, we’re rational culture. We don’t execute harmless crazies.

All that aside, what we have to ask ourselves about these psychic UFO events is why they have begun to appear in the last half of the 20th century, and why their reported appearances are so seemingly uniform (they all seem to have very large eyes) and why they are always performing very painful physical examinations of our bodies.

It is difficult to say why these psychic phenomena have suddenly occurred during the last 50 years. Perhaps the rash of explainable lights (experimental aircraft and rockets) has made us more open to the possibility of visitors from some other world.

Then again it may be that the last fifty years have seen a hardening of our culture’s belief that the scientific explanation of our existence is the only true explanation. Thanks to Jung, we know enough about the collective unconscious to know that it will erupt whenever the rational conscious mind tries to shut it out. The circular lights may be such an eruption.

There is a reason why the lights are circular. It's no accident.

Whatever the reason, it is happening. Two clues suggesting why this is happening emerge from descriptions of the reported occupants of the UFOs. 

The first is their large, out-sized eyes. Any student of history will tell you they are almost identical to the eye-size of the Gods seen in statues kept by early man to help them communicate with the Gods. According to Julian Jaynes, early man stared at the large eyes to help summon the directing voices of the Gods.

The large eyes are a signal

What is really important however is why this large eye characteristic was seized upon by early man, and not some other characteristic, such as the mouth, which would have been more logical, given early man’s dependence upon the guiding voices of the Gods.

I think the large eyes appeared because that is how the unconscious of early man suggested what the invisible Gods’ looked like. It must be a very deep archetype for the all-seeing Gods. For sure it wasn’t consciously concocted by early man, who lived a largely unconscious life.

It seems to me that our collective unconscious is currently emitting that same primal archetype. In effect, we are being visited by the Gods.

What these Gods are reportedly do to us, however, is not that nice. They pull us apart, examine us and dissect us. Again, it is the way the unconscious has of signaling us that something has gone wrong, namely that the rational approach to life has put us on the wrong path.

Part of that wrong path is that we are out of balance with the natural world that surrounds us. It is an old Western view: man exists apart from the vegetable and animal world, whose sole reason for existence is to serve man. St Anthony saw them as his brothers and sisters, and changed the course of the Church. We need a similar revolutionary jolt.

The seven chakras or energy points

What the collective unconscious is trying to tell us is that the cold rational approach with its disregard for the equality and sacredness of non-human life is coming back to bite us. That is what the alien examinations and dissections of us are all about. The Gods are giving us a taste of our own medicine.

Kiki Alvarez, a lifelong friend with extraordinary psychic abilities had her own view of UFOs and aliens. Little is known of Kiki, she was in the trenches as they say, but she was so powerful psychically that sometimes I only had to touch her arm and I’d start to lift out of body.

She said to me once, “You know Alice, people think the aliens are coming from Mars, or Venus, or Alpha Centuri, and all the scientists laugh at them, but if you’d gone where I’ve gone, you’d know that the physical world is a sort of crazy version of the psychic world, or maybe it’s the other way around, but it’s not really important because it’s really one big dream. The sun isn’t just hydrogen and Mars isn’t just red dust.

“Both the sun and Mars are also forms of intelligent psychic energy. And so is every star. And moon. And asteroid. And Black Hole. Their psychic and physical properties are linked in some way we can’t fully comprehend, but they are linked, believe me. If you perceive them correctly, if only for a moment, you’ll see both properties at the same time: the physical and psychic. I’ll tell you this: it’s a sight you’ll never forget.

“The crazies are right in saying the aliens are visitors from other worlds, but most crazies have no idea that the other worlds are not the worlds they think they are.”

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